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Singles and Doubles Fall Tennis Ladders
(September 11- December 31)

Singles and Doubles Tennis Ladders (September 11-December 31st)
Men’s and Women's Singles and Doubles Ladders will be offered this fall for $10 each. Ladders will be divided by using current USTA levels (or self rating). You may play up .5. (For example a 3.0 may play on the 3.5 Ladder but not the 4.0 ladder.) If you are unfamiliar with ladders we use a program which allows all matches to be proposed and accepted through email.

This online tennis ladder allows you to schedule your own matches, record your scores, and see your weekly ranking change. If you play on the Doubles Ladder you do not need a partner. The first 3 people who sign up for a proposed match will make the foursome. Teams will be decided by the proposer of the match. It's easy and fun and it is a great way to meet and play matches with other members. (If you have been trying to break into teams, playing on the ladder may help you).

Please register on Court Reserve SINGLES or DOUBLES. After you register please follow the instructions on the “Event Description” to create a account and/or begin proposing matches by 9/11 .

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Thursday, August 31st

If you have any questions or if the registration deadline is missed , please email Kaitlin at and she will add you.


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