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  • Maximum of 2 teams per player for the Spring season, and 3 teams per player for Summer and Fall.
  • Teams must have 15 players (unless approved otherwise).
  • Teams must have a minimum of 12 players at the appropriate division NTRP level (unless approved otherwise).
  • Each player must have a minimum of 2 matches per season.
  • Make-up matches must be scheduled outside of prime playing hours.
  • No more than 6 clay courts and 4 hard courts will be available for matches at the same time.
  • Captains must get pre-approved before forming a team. A lottery may take place if necessary (large demand for a same time slot).
  • Matches in all divisions will still utilize both clay and hard courts.
  • No USTA league in the winter to accommodate the Intra-club Winter League.


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