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Swimming Lessons for 2024

Seven Oaks offers both private swim lessons and group swim lessons.
Please read below to find out more!

  • Private lessons are $ 40 per half hour session.
  • Because these lessons are one-on-one, you can set them up by contacting any of the instructors listed below.
  • Payment must be made IN ADVANCE.
  • Payment can be made through Venmo @marlinswimlessons, cash, or check made payable to Seven Oaks.
    • When paying through Venmo, please include the instructor’s name when you type “What’s it for”
  • Group lessons are $ 100 per two week session.
  • The lessons are 40 minutes long in a class of six or less children with one instructor.
  • You can sign up at the pool with Todd beginning on May 18th.
    • You will make your payment with Todd when you sign up.
  • The first session of group lessons are June 10th - June 21st. The next group lesson sessions will start every two weeks.
    • The group lessons are 10am, 10:45am, or 6:30pm. Morning lessons are M-F of the first week and M-W of the second week. Evening lessons are M-F of both weeks EXCLUDING TUESDAY NIGHTS, which is when we have swim meets.
  • You will have five to eight lessons, weather depending.
  • When you sign up, you will choose a group level that best suits your child:
    • Beginner A- Child is not comfortable in water and cannot place face in the water
    • Beginner B- Child can place face in water and can swim underwater
    • Beginner C- In addition to the above, child can paddle short distances. Child is now ready to concentrate on freestyle, backstroke, and breathing technique
    • Stroke- Child is ready to learn breathing and proper leg and arm movement. Concentration on all four competitive strokes
    • Intermediate- Elementary back, freestyle, sidestroke, and breaststroke

*Please contact Coach Melissa with any other questions about swim lessons.


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