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Pool Calendars

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*Calendars are subject to change*





August & September

Pool Party Information


    Fees for Pool Parties:
  • Main Pool - $250.00 for parties of 80 people or less 8 PM - 10 PM, $20.00 per hour for each lifeguard. (NOTE: Minimum 3 guards necessary)
  • Main Pool - $500.00 for parties of 80 people or less 8 PM - 12 Midnight, $20.00 per hour for each lifeguard. (NOTE: Minimum 3 guards necessary)
  • Slide Pool - $650.00 for parties of 80 people or less 8 PM - 11 PM fee and $ 20.00 per hour for each lifeguard. (NOTE: Minimum 6 guards)
    Fee for Birthday Parties:
  • $ 70.00 Fee. Tables are first come, first served.
  • Please limit parties to two hours. Maximum 14 people per party.
  • No Birthday Parties on Wednesdays, Saturday, Sunday or holidays.
  • Set up time no more than one hour prior to party

Pool Rules & Regulations

  1. The Pool Director and his staff will regulate the use of the swimming pool and will maintain control of the pool during operating hours.
  2. Pool rules and regulations are designed to provide the greatest pleasure for the membership and guests. The Pool Director is given full authority to enforce all swimming regulations.
  3. No one will use the pool unless there is an employed swimming instructor or lifeguard on duty.
  4. Glass containers are not permitted within the pool enclosure and no food or drinks shall be consumed except in the area separated and designated for this purpose. Every member and guest is expected to cooperate to keep the pool premises clean and attractive and free of debris.
  5. No horse play, dunking, splashing, running, boisterous or rough play shall be allowed in or around the pool and violators will be subject to discipline by Pool Director. Repeated violations shall be grounds for suspension.
  6. Swimmers who have passed a swim test (1 length of the pool in the deep end) may use diving boards.
    • One person allowed on diving board at a time
    • Diver may bounce once on the board, no double or multiple bounces
    • Upon completing dive, swim to closest ladder
  7. Each member or guest entering the swimming pool must present a Seven Oaks membership I.D.
  8. Guest policies - Out of town guest may swim for $5.00 fee.
    In town guests (within 25 miles of Seven Oaks) may visit on Wednesdays - Guest Day. Fee is $5.00.
  9. NO children under 12 years of age shall be left at the pool without direct supervision of a responsible person.
  10. Pets are not allowed around Recreational Center.
  11. No balls or toys are allowed in the pool. Floats may be used in shallow end of the pool (inside lifeline).
  12. There will be a ten-minute break each hour. All persons under the age of 18 will be required to get out of the water during this break.
  13. Adults shall be responsible for children using baby pool and play area.
  14. Lifeguards shall be on duty at all times during pool hours. Their first duty shall be safety and they will be responsible for enforcing the pool rules.
    However, parents are expected to personally supervise their children and the responsibility of adults who accompany children to the pool does not cease because a lifeguard is on duty. All persons with children in their care are required to watch, protect, supervise and control these youngsters at all times when they are on Club property.

Additional Pool Info

  • Group swim lessons are $70 for 2021. Sign-up dates are listed on the 7 Oaks calendars and in our weekly newsletter.
  • All usage of the Seven Oaks Facility by any group must be authorized by the director.
  • Infants must wear Safe Diapers.
  • Gas and charcoal grills are not allowed on pool deck (Grills by ping pong area are for private parties after hours and may be signed up for online at designated times)
  • All guests must be registered and fee paid before using facility. In-town guests are welcome on Wednesday for a $5.00 fee. Under one year old free.
    guests (those who live outside a 25-miles radius) are welcome any time except for 4th of July, accompanied by a member. Fee - $5.00 per person.
  • All lounge chairs and tables are to be used on a first-come basis.
  • For everyone's safety, glass, glass bottles, glass food containers are not permitted at any time within the pool enclosure. Any member caught breaking this rule will be suspended.
  • Band-aids and bandages not allowed in water
  • We reserve the right to suspend any member who fails to obey the rules of the club or jeopardizes the safety of any member.
  • The slide will open at designated times which will vary depending upon weather and attendance. All swimmers must be at least 42 inches in height to slide. A trained employee will supervise slide activities. Only one person will be allowed to use the slide at one time; no water wings or balls permitted on the slide. You must slide feet first, lying down on your back. Bathing suits must be free of buckles, metal buttons, etc. (please be aware that all the water used in the operation of the water slide is recycled water)


Use the link below to choose a time slot that you wish to use for one of the grills at the pool. Please be considerateof other members and do not sign up for slots more than 3 days in advance. Grills are first come first served. You must claim your spot by 5 pm on the day you wish to cook.
Please DO NOT email regarding time slots.



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